Make Your Wordpress Site Safe With Powerful Security Checkers

Wordpress is the blog software all around the world. It's more vulnerable to attacks, so Wordpress' safety is also a very important issue. The following safety tips mean to help you to solve the Wordpress' security issues.


If you do not have good protection on your site, files can easily get lost. A few of those files might be saved in your computer and easily replaceable, but what about the rest of them? If you lose them the first time, where are you going to get them from again? Especially rename your login url to secure your wordpress website is vital. Long-term sites have a good deal of data and have made a number of files. Recreating all of that would be a nightmare, and not something any business owner would like to do.

Strong passwords - Do what you can to use a strong password, alpha-numeric. Easy to remember passwords are also easy to guess!

You should also place the"Anyone Can Register" in Settings/General to off, and you should have some type of spam plugin. Akismet is the one I use, the old site link standby, but there are lots of them these days.

Make a note of your password! I suggest the version of the protected software *Roboform* to remember your passwords.

Oh . And by the way, I was talking about plugins. Make sure it's a secure one, when you get a plugin. Do not install any plugin simply because the owner is saying that plugin can allow you to do this or that. Maybe use a test blog to look at the plugin, or maybe get a software engineer to examine it carefully. This way you'll know it is not a threat for your organization or you.

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